Steve Boyle was bitten by the bug early on and grew up with a love for all things creative.  Ever since a young child he was drawn to the strong visuals and story telling of the world of film.

Steve Sculpting

As he grew older he started creating his own sculptures and artwork based on the horror and fantasy films that had inspired him from such a young age.  His main creative outlet became special makeup effects and by the age of 12 he was already completing his own short films and complex Special FX projects.

After leaving school, he studied film more seriously by enrolling in the Queensland college of Art where he later met good friends and filmmakers, Peter and Michael Spierig.  This friendship and mutual interest in filmmaking and special effects led him to do the effects in their short films and later their debut feature film Undead.

As Steve’s experience expanded he was offered work at Queensland fx house JMB FX studio where he worked on productions such as ‘Star Wars epII’, ‘Ghost Ship’ and the ‘Matrix’ sequels.  He later co-created the multi-media FX house ARC FX which specialized in both digital and practical media.

In 2004, Steve had the pleasure of meeting Academy award winner Richard Taylor and was promptly offered work based on the work produced for Undead.  Steve relocated to New Zealand to start work on Peter Jackson’s King Kong.  From there, Steve continued to work at Weta on various projects such as Black Sheep, 30 Days of Night and Under the Mountain to name a few.

Steve At Work

Steve’s passion for film-making and the visual aspects of story telling has been evident to those he’s worked with. He has worked with directors on various projects as a special effects designer and supervisor to help them bring their story to the screen.

Steve is available as a designer for hire for all projects big and small.  To enquire about hiring Steve as a designer you can contact him through the information listed on the contact page.

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